Opdateret: Project Cars udsat til 2015

Skrevet af: Jesper Thuesen - 17. oktober 2014 - kl. 14:46
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Til trods for at det ikke er gjort officielt via en pressemeddelelse, så tyder meget på at Project Cars ikke som ventet bliver udgivet i 2014.

Project Cars skulle oprindeligt være udgivet til PlayStation 4, PC og Xbox One d. 21. november i år, men meget tyder nu på, at spillet er blevet udsat til marts 2015.

Det er flere af spillets økonomiske støttere, de såkaldte backers, der bekræfter udsættelsen, efter at udviklerne fra Slightly Mad Studios angiveligt har fortalt backerne, at spillet ikke bliver udgivet i år som ventet.

Årsagen til udgivelsen skal findes i, at udviklerne ønsker mere tid til at polere spillet, og herudover fortæller udviklerne ærligt, at de frygter for spillets salg, når man kigger på de andre store november-udgivelser.

opdateret: Namco Bandai har bekræftet, at Project Cars er udsat til d. 20. marts 2015.

Den fulde meddelelse til backerne lyder således:

Attached to this post is a press release which will go live tomorrow which announces that the new release date for the PC/PS4/XB1 versions of the game is now March next year.

We wanted you guys to read it here first and to try and expand a little more on the reasoning. Primarily, this has come about because a couple of other big games have announced they are shipping around the same time as our planned first date.

We know it might be a little hard to believe but this would have had a very significant impact on our initial sales (and the initial sales period is critical as that's when the majority occur. It became immediately clear therefore that we'd need to move away from this release window.

The other factor at play here which I'm sure most if not all of your are aware of is that the game is still lacking the fixes and polish it really deserves. We've been working extremely hard on tracking towards the original date, and could indeed have made it, but deep down we knew it wouldn't have resulted in the ultimate level of quality that we wanted.

Project Cars isn't 'just another game' for SMS, it's the start of our very own IP/brand which we believe can live and be succesful for a long time. It's critical the first release is a solid one therefore to lay the foundations for those plans.

As such we decided that a release early next year made a lot of sense all round. January is traditionally a very slow month for game sales (people have spent all their spare cash up to and including the holidays). February is affected to a lesser degree so March is an ideal window.

We appreciate there may be some disappointment but hope most will see this as overall a positive move for the project.
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